Shan State Pottery & Artifacts

We first heard the story of this pottery about 10 years ago. A small village deep in the Shan hills selling their pottery only once a year outside of their township. We have just sourced our first stocks.

A wonderfully raw earthy product, unchanged for centuries and very much for practical use but also beautifully decretive items. We hope we will be able to establish a market for their cottage industry and support this traditional craft. All products are made from 100% natural materials sourced from the local mountains.

Product Gallery

Storage Jar

Mortars & Cups

Green Tea Cups and Others


Tea Roaster & Plant Pot

Drinking Water Storage Vessels

Water Jugs

Rice Streamer & Large bowl

Wooden Cups & Large Wooden Troughs

Large Mortars

Tea Basket/Knife & Gourd Water Vessels

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