Palaung People and The Region

The Palaung people live in the high elevations of the Shan State Plateau. It forms part of The Golden Triangle region and for most part it is mountainous, remote and naturally beautiful. Areas of dense forest and many wildlife species still remain today. The area has remained largely unchanged for centuries.
The Palaung are one of the indigenous nationalities residing within multi-national Myanmar. The Palaung are descended from the Mon-Khmer, who migrated from Mongolia to Myanmar via China.
They enjoyed a long history of self-rule under their own kings (Sawbwar) until the beginning of the 19th century. They have a distinctive traditional culture, with their own language and literature. The Palaung are predominantly Buddhist, and less than ten percent of Palaung are animist or Christian.

Palaung tea, grown in the upland farms of northern Shan State, is famous throughout Myanmar for its high quality. Tea production is the main source of income for over six hundred thousand Palaung people. The Palaung also grow a variety of temperate climate fruit crops such as apples, plums, avocados and pears, which are highly valued in the lowland areas.

The Palaung people are divided into Palé, Rumai, and Shwe, and each of these has their own language.

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