There are many health benefits of drinking green tea and it has a pleasant smooth refreshing taste. We currently source directly from three village producers and both sundried and roasted green tea are available. Each tea will have a subtle taste variation.

Palaung Taw ~ Palaung Forest

Tor Win Palaung ~ Royal Palaung

Palaung Taun ~ Palaung Mountain

Our product is the purest form of tea and 100% organic. Handpicked and sun dried using century old traditional methods from the hills of the Golden Triangle of Myanmar. We purchase only the highest quality tea available. Our tea is not mixed or blended in any way just straight from the hills to you.
We deal directly with small village produces offering a range of teas from The Golden Triangle region. The teas vary slightly in taste due to climatic conditions, altitude, the soil type and the season in which it is picked.
Teas are available in a sun dried and a toasted form for a slightly burnt taste where the leaves are lightly pan toasted. The sundried tea is green, like the surrounding forests and the roasted, gold like the pagodas of the region.

Our business supports a small minority ethnic group in Myanmar and donations are made to the Palaung people, the main producers of tea in Myanmar (Burma).

Preparation is easy. Just add one or two tea spoons of loose leaf tea leaves to a cup and pour over hot water of about 90 degrees temperature. The tea leaves will infuse with the water in about 3-5 minutes. The tea leaves can be used three to four times.

Our material packing bags are hand woven by Palaung women using mulberry bark and also from handmade cloth from the Inle region.

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